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PNRR Project Cambio - delivery of works on Line 7

12/21/23, 9:00 PM

Start of the construction site setup

PNRR Project Cambio - delivery of works on Line 7

Line 7 of the Cambio project, financed with PNRR - Next Generation EU, has started the construction site setup in the municipality of Mediglia. This construction site is located at the "Quattro Strade" roundabout on "via vecchia Paullese" road. After these initial activities, the preliminary soil verification will be carried out before excavation. After that, the footbridge works over SP 39 will begin.SOME DATA ABOUT LINE 7Line 7 from Milan towards Crema will connect Linate Airport, Peschiera Borromeo, Pantigliate, Mediglia, and Paullo, covering a length of 17 km.

Total cost of the project: €16,464,011.51(€13,450,000 PNRR + €3,014,011.51 Irrevocable Works Fund)DesignWith directorial decree no. 9389 of 16/11/2023, the executive project for Line 7 was approved.WorksFor Line 7, the Metropolitan City has relied on INVITALIA as the central procurement agency, which awarded the works effectively in September 2023. The works for Line 7 were awarded to the company Paolo Beltrami S.P.A.