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"Cycling Together"

11/9/23, 11:00 AM

Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility

"Cycling Together"
The conference "Cycling Together" took place on Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 10:00 AM in the Council Chamber at Palazzo Isimbardi.
The initiative, aimed at promoting the Biciplan "Cambio" of the Metropolitan City of Milan, involved public administrators, volunteers, and numerous professionals.
Marco Griguolo, the delegate councillor for mobility, commented, "Soft and sustainable mobility is one of the topics on which the Metropolitan City has been investing resources for some time; Cambio is implicitly and naturally linked to the theme of inclusivity, which was discussed today at the meeting dedicated to sports and mobility just a few days before the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Sustainable mobility cannot exist without being inclusive and genuinely attentive to the needs of everyone. Today, we were able to engage in dialogue with many institutions that have made themselves available to talk about this theme, and for the Metropolitan City of Milan, it is a source of great satisfaction to create a convertation with them on these topics that can lead to an improvement in the quality of life for all territories. Cycleability is a policy of sustainable development; Cambio is a systemic project: it integrates environmental protection, safety, economic development, and general well-being. Traveling through super cycle paths at the metropolitan level, integrating them with municipal cycle paths, exploring our wonderful metropolitan area, and moving in a healthy, sustainable, and inclusive way. The goal is to bring together able-bodied and differently-abled individuals, offering everyone the same opportunities for life and amusement."
During the morning, the focus was on the activities of sports clubs and the contribution of each athlete encouraging the use of cycle paths like Cambio and promoting the involvement of children and adolescents with disabilities in physical and para-Olympic sports activities, including cycling.
The intention is promote collaboration between the community and students of all school levels and involving sports clubs. The practice of cycling is also, according to medical sources, particularly suitable for patients with mental disabilities and this content will be developed with a specific intervention during the event. Finally, reflections were made on relevant issues such as guartantee the right of movement movement to everyone, with particular attention to those using alternative ways to the car.
During the event, updates were provided on the development of the Biciplan "Cambio", the strategic project related to an extensive network of cycle paths being implemented in the metropolitan area, involving the 133 municipalities that make up the area. The plan was drawn up after a productive discussion with stakeholders and associations of people with disabilities.